ECHD Structure

El Camino Healthcare District (ECHD) Structure

El Camino Healthcare District is the sole corporate member of the El Camino Hospital Corporation. There are four (4) entities affiliated with El Camino Hospital: El Camino Hospital Foundation, CONCERN: Employee Assistance Program, Silicon Valley Medical Development, LLC, and El Camino Surgery Center, LLC. El Camino Hospital operates the hospital campuses.

In 2012, the El Camino Healthcare District (District) Board of Directors expanded the El Camino Hospital Board of Directors to include three subject matter experts, and in 2017 further expanded it to include two additional subject matter experts. As the healthcare environment continues to change, and in order to maintain the quality of complex medical services, it has become increasingly important to expand services strategically beyond District boundaries to engage the broader Silicon Valley population.

ECHD Bylaws

The El Camino Healthcare District (ECHD) is a separate governmental entity in and of itself, formed pursuant to The Local Health Care District Law (California Health and Safety Code Sections 32000 et seq.). The District is governed by its five elected Board members, and ultimately the Board and the District are answerable to the voters of the District.